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Who We Are

ACPL is an Australian owned company. The major business being the production of polyurethane covered pulleys, rollers and polyurethane moulded parts. We also manufacture rubber covered pulleys and rollers.

Our polyurethane range of hardness is from 35 Shore A to 70 Shore D. The rubbers we use being Natural, Nitrile and Neoprene with the hardness range from 25 Shore A to 80 Shore A.

The company has been in involved with plastics, rubber and polyurethanes for over 50 years with rollers and pulleys being supplied for the last 30 years.ACPL Rollers and Parts manufacture a variety of component parts for a variety of industries including: Mining, Automotive, Steel, Packaging and Printing to name a few.



What We Do

ACPL Rollers and Parts utilize the most modern polyurethane pouring machines incorporating full closed loop recirculating systems and being NC Computer controlled.

Curing capacity includes a variety of ovens ranging from small curing ovens, to ovens 7 meters long for polyurethane products. We also have Autoclaves up to 1.2 meter diameter for Rubber Rollers.

ACPL have lifting capacity of up to 5 tonne and can machine turn and grind rollers up to 1.2m diameter with maximum overall lengths of 5 metres.

ACPL Rollers can on request supply NATA and Australian Standard Test Certificates for our polyurethanes.

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