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Who We Are

We work in close partnership with our clients and have shared some amazing journeys together. Some of our clients have grown significantly since our first engagement. We are proud of the real and lasting outcomes for our customers, the benefits realised and the strong personal relationships that still remain.

In 2014 we changed our name to Advanced Focus to better reflect the broader industries we work with, and the aspirations of our customers. Our background in globally competitive advanced manufacturing DNA remains however, these attributes are valuable and relevant to any industries that have the ambition to be globally competitive.”



What We Do

We help plan and develop fast growing, globally competitive innovative companies in Australia by providing key management and technical resources and solid, achievable plans that can be effectively executed. We are not a consulting service that just tells you ‘what to do’; we work with you to realise the ‘how to do it’. This only comes from significant experience that ensures an effective business solution.

We work very closely with our clients to deliver “game changing results” by providing both management and technical skills, key resources and solid achievable plans that are effectively executed.

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