AH Fabrications

Who We Are

AH Fab fabricates high-precision metal products, primarily for the construction, transport, mining & defence industries. Our vast experience goes into every job, accelerating the fabrication design process and keeping costs to a minimum.

Formerly known as the multinational Tyco Engineering, the company was founded in 1971 - 40 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication is what stands AH Fabrications out as a leader in its field.

Efficient, fast, cost-effective. We are known for our great efficiency, higher quality and faster lead-times than the competition.

While AH Fab specialises in fabricated metal products and components, its alliance network, combined with its project management and assembly capabilities, allows it to incorporate other design elements into the manufacturing process, including: wood, plastics, composites and glass.

Our production environment allows us to be an industry leader of large volume, high precision and/or highly customised projects.



What We Do

AH Fab’s state-of-the-art equipment underpins a design and production process … the capacity, efficiency, and quality of which has seen it grow to be one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of custom-made metal products.

Both in response to speciality production requirements, or as an outsource solution for resource- or capital-constrained manufacturers, AH Fab has traditionally provided design consultation, metal fabrication, assembly and maintenance services to customers spanning many industries nationwide.

AH Fab's comprehensive, end to end sheet metal manufacturing and assembly capabilities include:
Laser cutting, parts levelling, metal bending, welding, inserting, linishing, turret punching, powder coating, metal stamping, spot welding, stud welding, engineering, design and prototyping and are enhanced by value added services including plumbing, wiring and packaging.

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