Amaero Engineering

Who We Are

Amaero Engineering manufactures complex metallic components by laser-based additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, from CAD files. We utilize two techniques – Powder Bed Selective Laser Sintering (also known as 3D printing) and Blown Powder Laser Melting. Its Powder Bed facility has the largest build volume in the world (up to 630mm x 400mm x 500mm high).

With short lead times (in weeks rather than months) we produce in:
• Nickel-based alloy (Hastelloy X) for high temperature applications such as the hot parts of gas turbine engines, heat exchangers, combined cycle power plants
• High alloy stainless steel (17-4 PH) for high strength, highly corrosion resistant applications in oil and gas and chemical processing plants,
• 18% Ni Maraging 300 hardenable steel for injection moulding tooling and very high strength airframe parts

On longer lead times the following are also available: high strength aluminium and titanium alloys for aerospace, marine and medical devic



What We Do

Amaero has access to a Concept Laser XLine and two EOS INT 280M powder bed selective laser melting machines. Components of up to 630mm x 400mm x 500mm deep can be produced directly from the 3D computer aided design files in the XLine. The XLine is currently the largest powder bed machine in the world with only a handful in operation presently.

The EOS INT 280M can build parts up to 250mm x 325mm x 250mm deep in a large range of materials as well.

The components can have highly complex shapes, and can incorporate honeycombed internal structures to reduce weight and cost. In many cases parts that work require multiple manufacturing steps by conventional processes can be produced in one step saving money and time.

Amaero has access to a Trumpf 7040 Laser Cell Blown Powder facility. This can accommodate components of up to 4000 x 1500 x 750mm. Features include:

•5 Axis capability
•4Kw Disk Laser
•Twin powder Feeder
•Full CNC control
•Renishaw touch probe
•Seamline C

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