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Who We Are

Founded in January 2009 by Philip Bateman, Bravo Charlie have worked with startups, SME’s, large corporate, ASX listed companies, educational institutions and government organisations in Australasia, Europe, North America and the UAE.

Through experience the company and those that work with it are firmly committed to the fact that the principles underpinning business growth are similar for established companies, startups, independent musicians, not-for-profit activists and large brands alike – to use research, science and proven methodology to understand a market, to explore and align the vision of staff and executive through in-person interaction, then to tell good stories that educate, empower and inspire a target audience, distributed and focused using cutting edge data tools and software.

1. The web is important. Art and truth are important. Combining these elements creates genuine, world changing impact.

2. Together, we can tell stories that matter, about who you are and why



What We Do

Since 2012, Bravo Charlie have been Tailored Advisory Service providers for Australian businesses, via the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme for the Department of Industry, Innovation.

Additionally as of February 2017, Bravo Charlie have been appointed to the ICT Services Panel for the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, in the areas of Enterprise, Information and Application Architecture, Web, Audio Visual and Video services.

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