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Who We Are

Brayfords Engineering Pty Ltd has been in business, under the name A&R Brayford, since 1979. It changed owner in 2004 and its name in 2008.

Brayfords are precision sheet metal manufacturers.

The Company’s focus is to provide customer solutions using our extensive engineering expertise, ERP electronic barcode tracking, and JIT material supply princilples to ensure your requirements are met.

Our mission is to provide competitive sheet metal engineering solutions by utilizing our experienced staff and the most efficient equipment and facilities.

In today’s competitive environment we are able to supply, with confidence, on time delivery, prototyping, and volume production to meet a full sheet metal solution to you.



What We Do

We specialise in sheet metal fabrication for the Lighting, Food, Commercial Signage, Electronics and Telecommunication industries. A wide range of general fabrication is also carried out.

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