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Who We Are

Catten Industries Pty Ltd of Bayswater, Victoria, is a wholly owned Australian company, specialising in the field of precision sheet metal fabrication.

Our modern facility incorporates our design and development division, which can manage your project from concept to completion. Our factory has the right machinery, operated by highly skilled staff, making sure that whatever the product, it is made to the highest standards for our many valuable customers.

Catten Industries have invested in industry leading equipment, which has resulted in increased capabilities, productivity and quality, enabling us to reduce lead-times and exceed customer expectations. Customer focus is our main aim, resulting in Catten Industries aiming for the highest Standards of workmanship.



What We Do

Catten Industries manufacture precision, fabricated metal components and assemblies whether it be low volume prototypes or high volume manufacturing runs using the latest in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Our manufacturing expertise extends to:

CNC punching
Specialist punches and presses
NC folding andforming
Welding and pre-finishing
Quality control
Assembly and packaging

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