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Who We Are

Brisbane based R&D facility for Biomass Pyrolysis, renewable energy and Carbon production.

Pyrolysis Technology
We are continuing the improvement of our pilot biochar pyrolysis plant. The finely divided charcoal produced can be used for soil improvement and many other applications.

Coil Slitting, Lamination Cutting
We undertake precision coil slitting of electrical steel, copper and aluminium foil.

CNC tube bending is available from 6.35 to 28.6mm

Machined Parts are now mostly produced for own use
some CNC machines are available for purchase.



What We Do

We are making a plant which can produce the highest possible yield of stable fixed carbon from the biomass waste feedstock. Our test materials are hoop pine sawmill waste ( saw dust & chip ) and peanut shells.

Included in the system is a gas fueled generator which provides power for plant operation and heat for feed drying.

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