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Who We Are

Compressed Air Australia is an Australian-owned company established in 2004 as the leading distributor of compressed air operated products and accessories that currently solve problems in industrial plants throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.

We have stocking distributors located in the main population centres to serve our customers. Our main office is located in Darwin, Northern Territory, where we assist our clients with technical and practical information by telephone, fax and email.

Compressed Air Australia offers high quality, energy-conserving solutions to common industrial cooling, drying, conveying, blowoff, cleaning and static electricity problems. We supply the Food, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Agricultural, Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Engineering sectors with innovative problem-solving products.



What We Do

EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air products are designed to maximise the efficiency of your compressed air resources as well as reduce noise levels and reduce air consumption, thereby helping to reduce your products costs. EXAIR products meet OSHA safety requirements and are CE compliant.

PIPETITE sealing technology for use in wall and ceiling penetrations can seal a connection while allowing for significant movement of the pipe. PIPETITE's are manufactured from FDA certified hygienic white silicone and can be adapted to fit most pipe or tube diameters, including pneumatic tube and electrical cable.

Non-toxic Biological Nutrient Concentrates include N-FIX Soil Nutrient, SABROLL Leaf Nutrient, SABROLL Septic Control and N-FIX Biological Inline Bore Treatment, which rapidly eliminates iron bacteria by biological oxidisation, improves water quality by increasing dissolved oxygen downstream and negates the need for acid based products.

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