Crystalaid Manufacture Pty Ltd

Who We Are

Crystalaid Manufacture is a specialist contract manufacturer for the assembly of printed circuit boards and associated peripheral devices, medical devices and electronic assemblies requiring a high level of reliability.

We provide a range of services from "Build to Print" to a complete "Turnkey" solution.

The contract manufacturing industry is growing as manufacturers increasingly look toward a more cost-effective approach to an in-house assembly. With this in mind, Crystalaid Manufacture offers its specialist manufacturing capabilities to its customers.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality on customer designs.

Crystalaid Manufacture is able to offer its services as technical partner to its customers for both simple and more complex assemblies. We have demonstrated that we can cost effectively produce specification-compliant products and assemblies using either customer procured or Crystalaid Manufacture sourced bill of materials.



What We Do

Crystalaid deploy the world's leading manufacturing and design technology in the following fields:

Hybrid electronics
Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Through-hole system integration
PCB manufacturing
Automated PCB population using intelligent pick-and-place robots
Contract Wirebonding in ISO class 7 certified cleanroom
Laser soldering and production soldering
Cable assembly
Automated testing and quality control systems
Control software development
Electronic circuit design
Electronic product design
Test system design
Documentation, certification and validation

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