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Who We Are

The company has a very large precision surface grinding capacity and is a manufacturer, supplier, and regrinder of industrial machine knives for the Printing, Paper, Wood, Plastics, and Metal industries. It also supplies spare parts and accessories for specialized areas of the Printing industry. The company has 8 employees in Melbourne, and provides its supply and regrinding service for companies all over Australia.

Davis & Jenkins Pty Ltd has achieved an excellent reputation as a high quality supplier and regrinder of machine knives. The company is the Australian agent for the TKM Group.

In the various industries, machine knives are used in paper or metal cutting guillotines, paper sheeters, paper or metal slitters, newspaper presses, plastic granulators, and wood chippers, just to name a few. They are available in a range of qualities to best suit particular applications in these industries.



What We Do

We have very large capacity surface grinding machines with flat and swivellable magnetic chucks.

D & J is considered to be the best quality knife grinder in the marketplace because of its high standards and because it operates the most modern and technologically advanced machines available for this industry.

It is a TKM Authorised Grinding Station. This was achieved after close scrutiny, where the sharpened knife had to meet OEM standards or better.

The "DURITAN" brand of paper guillotine knife is World-renowned as being the premier HSS-inlaid paper-cutting knife and is the choice of many OEM's Worldwide as original equipment.

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