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Who We Are

Delcam Australia is the local head office for Delcam Plc (UK) and services Australia and New Zealand with CADCAM software solutions. Delcam is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced CADCAM solutions for the manufacturing industry. Delcam's range of design, manufacturing and inspection software provides complete, automated CADCAM solutions, to take complex-shaped products from concept to reality. It is now the largest developer of product design and manufacturing software in the UK, with subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia. Delcam's software is used by more than 40,000 organisations in over 80 countries.



What We Do

Delcam currently operates throughout the Americas, Europe, the Far East and Australasia using a tight-knit network of regional headquarters and sales offices. This strong structure includes over a hundred sales offices all working together to promote Delcam products and offer local support and training to Delcam customers.

In addition to the development, sales and support of software, Delcam is unique in being the only international CADCAM software supplier with its own toolroom. Based alongside the company’s development headquarters in Birmingham, UK, the centre houses some of the latest machining and inspection technology from manufacturers such as Mecof, Anyak, Matsuura, Bridgeport, Renishaw and POLI. The main aim of the facility is to allow comprehensive real-world testing of software before it is released to customers.

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