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Who We Are

World-Class Environmental and Energy-Savings Products for Sustainability, Future Enjoyment and Helping to Preserve the Planet's Fragile Eco-Systems, Earth Aware Products is dedicated to these objectives and to do our part in achieving these goals.

Our objective is simple: to provide the best possible environmental products and services to our customers in Australia and New Zealand - products from some of the world's leading producers.

With our team of dedicated professionals we aim to provide superior levels of customer support and service for all of the products that we sell.

This service is backed-up and fully supported by our overseas Principals ensuring complete peace of mind for all of your environmental product requirements.



What We Do

Reusable Bags

Earthwise Bags are a leading US-based producer of re-useable bags aimed at reducing or eliminate the use of plastic bags in the environment. Their bag range, proudly distributed in Australia by Earth Aware Product include shopping bags, special purpose bags, wine and bottle totes, and vegetable bags in a range of materials.

Biodegradable Packaging

ECO Guardian biodegradable products are made from bagasse a by-product from sugar cane which has been certified by the US FDA to completely degrade and compost in less than 30-days.

Power Efficiency Products

XZERES family of Power Efficiency products are designed to condition power quality and increase power factor by reducing the amount of reactive power being drawn at a location.

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