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Who We Are

Farley LaserLab is a world leader in the fields of High Definition CNC plasma cutting, oxy cutting, laser cutting and drilling machines. Farley LaserLab have been supplying CNC laser and plasma cutting machines to the industry for over 30 years. Today Farley LaserLab has thousands of CNC profile machines installed in over 23 countries worldwide.

Farley LaserLab cutting machines are products attributed to years of customer collaboration and research and development. This is what makes Farley LaserLab the world leader in laser and plasma cutting, and drilling machine tool technology. Farley LaserLab has produced the very best in cutting machines for the past 30 years and continues to develop new technologies for the future.



What We Do

Farley Laserlab is a leading supplier of:

-Plasma and Drilling technology
-Laser Cutting technology
-Laser Marking

And to back up our range cutting machine tool technology we have a full range of accessories, spare parts and an expert service team to keep your machines running.

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