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Who We Are

3D Systems Corporation Asia-Pacific

On the 21st September, 2011 Formero and its subsidiary company XYZ Innovation combined their strengths with 3D Systems Corporation to become 3D Systems Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd – your direct source for all design to manufacturing solutions.

The company plans to continue all of its Formero operations as 3D Systems Asia-Pacific and immediately offer its expanded range of 3Dcontent-to-print solutions for the benefit of design-to-manufacturing professionals and consumers alike.

Formero and XYZ Innovation have been dedicated to providing customers with innovative Rapid Manufacturing solutions to their product development challenges. This change means we can now deliver even greater benefits to our customers with the entire range of 3D Systems rapid prototyping and 3D printing solutions.



What We Do

Prototyping and Manufacturing Services:
3D Systems Asia-Pacific offers tailored design, development and prototyping solutions using the latest additive manufacturing technology, CNC machining, urethane casting and injection moulding services. We have highly skilled project managers on the ground, both local and remote, to take the risk out of offshore manufacturing.

3D Printers:
3D Systems comprehensive family of 3D printers will fit any budget. Easy and economical to own and operate with a wide range of precision materials in a choice of colours.

Our customers Create with Confidence:
We provide custom manufacturing services for engineers and designers who want parts from rapid prototyping to production, utilizing 3D CAD files. With in-house rapid prototyping and tooling technologies, and with an experienced engineering project team in both Australia and China, 3D Systems Asia-Pacific delivers quality prototyping and manufacturing services in less time and within budget.

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