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Who We Are

Fuji Fasteners was established in 1973 as the Fuji screw Company, predominantly producing fasteners for the Automotive Industry.

Fuji is a wholly owned Australian Company and over the past five years has diversified its customer base to now include supply to a wide range of users including-general manufacturing, specialized engineering, building and construction, electrical equipment, trailer & caravan and a widening network of reseller outlets. Fuji’s growth into new industrial sectors has been possible by a clear and precise focus on producing quality products and superior customer service. Fuji’s flexibility and ability to produce to customer requirements with very short lead times, whether in large or small volume runs, has made it somewhat unique as a fastener producer in Australasia.

The success of Fuji has very much been supported by a loyal team of people genuinely focused on a vision for success.



What We Do

A wide range of fastener head types, thread forms (and knurls) and drives with varying strength grades achieved by appropriate heat treatment. Head types include- countersunk, oval countersunk, pan, fillister, truss, pan washer, hex, hex washer, cup, round and binding.

Thread forms include-metal & machine threads, self tapping and cutting threads and specially designed threads for plastic applications.

Sems assemblies-metal washers are assembled on blanks and thread rolled to hold the washer captive.

Drive types include-slotted, Phillips, pozi, indented hex, 6 lobe, 6 lobe post and tri-wing.

Products are heat treated to specific requirement strengths and finished in a range of plating's and coatings to achieve a various range of corrosive protection ratings-ie- electroplating and mechanical plating in zinc, copper, tin and nickel.

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