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Who We Are

Hybrid Electronics Australia Pty Ltd was established in 1974 as the leading Australian company specialising in the development and manufacture of thick film hybrid microelectronic circuits.

A thick film hybrid is a combination of screen printing and firing of conductor, resistor and insulator inks on ceramic, titanium or stainless steel substrates, semiconductor processes and surface mount technology.

Thick film hybrids enable products to work well in hostile environments and have greater reliability over time than Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's).

We also have a manufacturing facility in the Philippines. Alll the staff there are trained and qaulified to Australia's quality standards.



What We Do

Hybrid Electronics manufactures electronic components utilising ceramic, titanium and stainless steel as the substrate (this is an alternative to PCB's).

From idea to concept, from prototype to production, we offer custom designed and built innovative solutions in the world of hybrid microcircuitry.

Thick film hybrids can vary in complexity and can be used in a variety of products from toaster timers to missile computers.

Thick film hybrids are smaller in size than PCB's, are fully encapsulated offering circuit security, have higher reliability and are cost competive to PCB's.

Hybrid Electronics recognises:
•The need for fast turn-around and high quality.
•The need for competitive pricing and enhanced performance.
•The need for creative solutions combined with production practicality.

Hybrid Electronics offers Dr. Wal Berryman's expertise in microcircuitry as an Engineering consultant. Please do not hesitate to call him to dicuss your circuit design confidentially.

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