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Electrical Manufacturing Processes - PLC Control Systems

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PLC can be used to control a wide variety of industrial automated equipment and automated manufacturing processes. In the modern field of automation, PLC controls are a common, low cost, flexible robust and reliable method to control industrial equipment.

A PLC controller can be easily setup to accept input from a variety of sources such as feedback sensors, user operated signals such as stop and go buttons, load sensors, proximity sensors, encoders, linear measurement sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors are the list goes on. The PLC controller processes the signals and carries out logic instructions on the inputs to produce outputs which can be information display screens, gauge readings, actuator signals, alarm signals, switch signals and a vast range of control outputs for which the range seems almost limitless.

PLC control systems can easily be designed on powerful and easy-to-use software systems which also allow th eprogrammer to completely plan out the inputs, outputs and desired functions of the actual equipment being controlled.


Suppliers With This Capability

Emona Instruments Pty Ltd
  Camperdown NSW
0 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 5
Robert Bosch Australia Pty Ltd
  Clayton VIC
0 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 50 out of 5

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