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Sheet Metal Processes - Surface Linishing

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Surface linishing is a process commonly used to produce a fine finish on sheet metal or plate components. A linishing belt is passed back and forth over the sheet until the surface has been cleaned up completely.

Surface linishing can also be used to polish cylindrical surfaces. Especially common way to finish hardchromed hydraulic rams.

Surface linishing has advantages over grinding in that uneven surfaces can be finished with only a small amount of material removal. The linishing belt is typically flexible and can move up and down over undulations in the surface. Les heat is normally imparted during the finishing process making it unnecessary to use coolant.

A more general linishing process can be used to clean up castings or cut metal components. In this process the linishing belt is passed over a linishing wheel and the components are typically linished by hand.


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DNA Engineering
  Campellfield VIC
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