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Purely insulating fire protection materials for steel buildings are spray-applied fire resistive materials (SFRM) composed of mineral fiber or cementitious materials. Mineral fiber SFRM combines fibers, mineral binders, air, and water, to form an essentially non-combustible and chemically inert material, which insulates the steel from the heat of a fire.

Cementitous SFRM are composed of a binder material mixed with aggregates, various additives, and foaming agents, which function in the same manner as mineral fiber SFRM. SFRM are generally less expensive than other fire protective materials while light and medium density mineral fiber SFRM are generally less expensive than cementitious SFRM.

Energy absorbing fire protection materials are commonly gypsum- or concrete-based products which release water of crystallization when exposed to high temperatures. Lastly, intumescent fire protection materials are coating systems applied as paint which expand upon exposure to high temperatures and form an insulating layer that is about a hundred times thicker than the original coating.

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Whichever method of fire protection for your steel buildings you choose, it is very important that the assembly and application procedures of the fire protective materials are in compliance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. 

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Inspection procedures that verify proper application and adequate cohesion and adhesion are equally as important to ensure the successful performance of these fire resistive materials.


 A very great business friendliness in the whole process of prefab steel building is that the delay time between planning and actual inception of the project is reduced to levels never before seen in the industry. 

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You can simply order your prefab steel components to your place and bolt them all together to get the perfect, ideal and most economical warehouse to propel your business forward. You can do the math and see for yourself how much you will end up saving if you opt for a steel warehouse.

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