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Why use Structural Steel Fabricators in Melbourne to build?

Since the very first skyscraper, the Rand McNally Building, was constructed, steel framing has now become the number one choice in the construction industry. The many advantages offered by steel framing have catapulted it to its current position, resulting in applications that were previously dominated by its counterparts.

Still, there are those who are reluctant to wade into uncharted waters. A little more convincing is in order and a discussion on the many benefits of steel frame buildings will finally put their doubts to rest. Here are the top tem reasons why steel framing is the right choice for your next construction project:

Quick Construction

No matter how complex and complicated your design is, the ease of construction still remains. Due to their prefabricated nature, steel buildings offer fast and efficient assembly. No need for high-tech tools and plenty of experts, construction of steel buildings simply entails connecting the building elements together with stainless steel fasteners.

Unmatched Durability

Compared to wood-framed structures, steel buildings that are built up to code have demonstrated their ability to last a lifetime in spite of being subjected to harsh weather conditions. Compared to wood, which shrink and rot over time, steel does not break, crack, and is resistant to mold and insects. Steel is also non-combustible so should a fire occur, it will spread easily.

Great Savings

Over the years, steel buildings remain to be cost competitive with traditional construction. Again, due to prefabrication, you pay only for materials used. And due to their fast construction time, labor costs for steel buildings are kept to a minimum. Another form of savings comes low insurance premiums due their durability, high life expectancy and fire resistance.


Steel framing is very versatile. With the use of new technologies, which make steel compatible with other building materials, steel buildings can now look like anything. As a result, steel construction has penetrated sectors that were previously dominated by traditional construction including residential and commercial.

Structural Warranty

Suppliers of steel buildings only use high quality steel and the latest design and manufacturing technologies that allow them to offer up to 50 years structural warranty on their products.

Steel is Green

If you really care for the environment, then steel is the best choice. Unlike wood, steel is 100% recyclable and new steel has of recycled content. Moreover, properly insulated steel buildings have proven to be energy-efficient.

So, you’re one of the converts of prefabricated steel buildings. But before you purchase your first steel building, you need to sit down and make some sort of a checklist. This step is essential to the success of your steel building project. Actually, It all boils down to answering some basic questions and your responses are sure to save you a lot of headaches later.


1. What is the final use of my steel building?


Make sure it fits! This step lets you define the purpose of your steel building. You can either buy a standard kit – the one, which you think will more or less fit your needs. After all, there are lots of steel building kits available online. Or you can try to go the other way around – have a steel building customized to fit your exact needs.


Today’s steel buildings are highly customizable and therefore, very versatile. They can be designed to fit any construction need, allowing them to be built as storage areas, schools, churches, garages, workshops, supermarkets, offices, retail stores, aircraft hangars, agricultural structures, etc. Your needs are specific and you can be are certain that these needs will be met by steel buildings.


2. What size is my steel building going to be?


Of course, the size of the structure is often dictated by its purpose. For example, if it is going to be used as a garage, the size of the vehicle or the number of vehicles to be stored should be considered. If it is going to be used as a horse barn, the number of horses you plan to maintain will more or less give you an idea of its size.


3. How tall is my steel building?


Aside from the length and width, the final purpose of the steel building again rules the height of the structure. Nothing would be worst than finding out that your RV is too tall to fit inside your steel building.


4. What is the roof pitch?


Simply put, the roof pitch is the amount of the vertical run for every 12 units of horizontal run. Whether you choose a high or low roof pitch, remember that it will make a great impact on the size of your steel building, its look, its performance and lastly, its cost.

Metal Fabrication

Aside from the questions that you need to answer before you purchase your steel building, it is of utmost importance to get in touch with your local code authority and find out the applicable standards that need to be met. Here are the rest of the questions.


5. What is the style of my steel building?


Steel buildings come in standard styles that will surely suit your needs. You can check these out in the websites of steel building suppliers.  From Quonset huts to conventional-looking designs, they offer form and function to satisfy even the most demanding customer.


6. How many doors and windows should the building have? What are their sizes and where should they be placed?


Remember that doors are for easy egress and sometimes, also for ventilation. Windows allow light and air to come in. The types and number of doors and windows greatly depend on the purpose of the building and sometimes, the size of your budget.


7. Do I need insulation?


Insulation makes steel buildings energy-efficient and is the major reason for their popularity. If you want to maintain comfortable interiors, then you need insulation. Once again, the final use of the building should tell you whether you need insulation or not. For example, insulation is crucial for steel buildings used as commercial establishments, residences, wineries and offices, among others.


8. How should my steel building’s exteriors look like?


Steel buildings now come in a wide variety of colors. What’s more, they are also compatible with popular architectural exterior finishes giving you a lot of design options. Steel buildings come in different styles. You can


9. What other accessories should I get?


If you want a nice and clean appearance for your steel building, you need to buy added accessories such as trims, gutters and downspouts.


What’s exciting for customers nowadays is the availability of technology that allows them to design their steel buildings online and in real time. From the design, color, and accessories, they can choose from the different options and play with them until they find the combination that suits their tastes.

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